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Hip Guide to San Francisco’s Nightlife Scene

rpfm | 9 enero, 2018

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in America. The city comes alive at night and the streets are covered with hip-urbanites who are looking to have some fun and grab a couple of drinks after a long days work. World-class dining, music venues and bars line the streets of each neighborhood, making it hard to choose where to go and what to do. It is easy to find a slew of valuable information online telling you about cool places to hang out in San Francisco. The city is full of good times and there is something for everyone so plan on coming back over and over again. Whether you are looking for something crazy or down-to-earth, San Francisco has what you are looking for.


SoMa caters to those seeking an upscale San Francisco nightlife experience. Dress to impress and head over to SOMA where you will find dance clubs, lounges, and electronic music. World-class DJs are in San Francisco regularly so plan on having an amazing night! I recommend checking online first to find out where the party will be.

  • Bars/Lounges: 1015 Folsom, Paradise Lounge, 111 Mina, Anu, Mezzanine
  • Restaurants: SupperClub, Ame, Basil Thai, Espetus Churrascaria, La Bricola

The Mission

This area is fabulously stylish, while still maintaining its grunge appeal. Here you’ll find cheap food, drinks and an abundance of popular 80’s music. Come to this area to be around the hipster crowd and see why people compare this edgy area to Brooklyn.

  • Bars: Zeitgeist, Delirium, The Elbo Room, Amnesia, Beauty Bar, Double Dutch
  • Restaurants: Delfina, El Cachanilla, Bar Tartine, Specchio, Bambino Cafe

Marina/Polk St

If you go to the Marina or Polk Street you will find an educated, young-professional crowd. Grab some great sushi, wine, and choose from an abundance of local bars for your drinking pleasures. Polk Street caters to the non-pretentious crowd and the Marina is great for the «Hollywood» types.

  • Bars: Bin 38, The Matrix, Circa, Amelie, S.N.O.B Wine Bar, R Bar
  • Restaurants: Isa, Zushi Puzzle, Mas Sake Sushi, Crusacean Restaurant

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