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New York City in 5 Days

rpfm | 9 enero, 2018

New York City, The Big Apple, The Big City, The City That Never Sleeps

The Capital of the World.

The Center of the Universe.

Call it what you will, it’s probably the most renowned city on the planet, and you’ve only got five days to see it all!

People often associate New York City with the Borough of Manhattan, and rightfully so. Some of the most notable and visited sights, not only in NYC, but in the entire United States, are on the island borough. Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty to name a very few.

But there are four other boroughs that comprise New York City: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Below I will offer up a potential five-day itinerary that will allow you to experience New York City will all five senses. However, it does focus mostly on Manhattan. So below that will be other sights of interest in the other boroughs in case you want to customize your visit.

First of all, consider staying at one of the Midtown Manhattan Hotels, which are situated perfectly for trips to both midtown and lower Manhattan. Fantastic accommodations in a great location. You won’t be disappointed.

Day 1: The Upper East Side, Central Park New York city.

Head over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Upper East Side. The Met was founded in 1870 to encourage the study of fine arts in NYC. Over 140 years later, it still houses works of art from around the world. Your ticket to the Met also allows you to visit The Cloisters, a museum and gardens devoted to the art and architecture of Medieval Europe. Dine at Serafina to end your day.

Some other notable locations nearby: American Museum of Natural History, and the rest of museum mile, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It is also reasonably close to Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and Time Square.

Day 2: Midtown/Lower Manhattan

Start your day walking The High Line, 1.5 miles of elevated linear park constructed on a disused spur of the New York Central Railroad. It is built with recycled materials and is self-sustaining. It’s a can’t miss sight, to be sure. Then slip over to the Chelsea Market for shopping and dining.

Some other notable locations nearby: Greenwich Village, Poisson Rouge, Empire State Building

Day 3: Downtown (Lower Manhattan) New York City

Visit the 9/11 Memorial, a chilling yet inspiring tribute to the lives lost on the day that changed everything. Then head down to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the port through which many immigrants entered America. While New York City certainly has that Melting Pot feel, day three will inspire a sense of Americana. Dine and roam around Soho to finish the day.

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