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Summer Music Festivals in London

rpfm | 9 enero, 2018

London is a great location to be if you love going to music festivals. If you live or study in London, then experiencing some of the best music festivals that this city has to offer can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the summer months. With such as variety of festivals to choose from, there’s sure to be more than a few that those who lucky enough to be spending their summer in London won’t want to miss out on.


This three-day festival takes place in London’s Victoria Park during July, which organisers have become renowned for filling with giant art installations and creative stage décor. Lovebox was originally founded by DJs Groove Armada and whilst it might have started life as a dance festival, there are now an impressively eclectic range of music acts featuring on the line-up, as well as a number of fringe performances. As with many London music festivals, there’s no camping, but cheap accommodation is a great alternative to staying in a tent – plus there’s more chance of you getting a shower each morning, too!


Previously held in Hyde Park, this music festival has recently moved to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, and features some of the biggest music acts playing in London each summer. This three-day festival draws huge and diverse crowds of music fans, with pop and hip-hop acts dominating the main stages. Tickets to this one tend to sell out, so make sure you book them fast!

Field Day

Another festival located in East London’s Victoria Park, Field Day takes the unique approach of merging its musical line-up and entertainment acts with a ‘Village Mentality’, featuring activities from traditional country fetes. Drawing every kind of Hackney hipster, this is a festival which prides itself on being ahead of the trend, especially when it comes to indie bands and cutting-edge DJs. If you want to party with cool kids, then Field Day is certainly the place to be.

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